Have you unleashed the power of social media to its full potential? 

If not, then there is so much to explore at NKM digital, a one stop solution for all your logo and branding package needs. Any action taken towards the business that enhances its value in the market is called branding. 

Let’s first understand what does the word, ‘brand’ convey?

In simple terms, a brand is generally something like a name, term, design or symbol which represents one business entity and differentiates it from all others. For instance, Lakme is the brand name of a famous beauty brand. The brand equity gets stored in the form of brand value of a particular brand. Thus, branding is the most significant part of running an online business. It helps to gain easy recognition and increase reliability among customers. 

Logo designing: Logo design falls under the sub head of branding. Although the words brand, brand identity, logo design are used interchangeably but they have different meanings altogether. Out of which, logo design is merely the way a business represents it visually with the help of a logo mark, typography or both combined. The design of your business’s logo should be simple, memorable, apt, versatile and fixed. 

Catalogue: A catalogue is in the form of written text, a book or a magazine which comprise the detailed information of items for sale. In the world of online marketing, the online catalogue is attached to the inventory on the website. 

Business Card: As the name suggests, business cards hold significant information with regard to a company or an individual. Such cards are shared while introducing our business to the customer. We provide you with gracefully designed business cards to make your introduction stand out! 

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