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Instagram/Facebook/Twitter Marketing

Social media marketing is very trending and it can capture more and more clients easily. Most small and medium-sized business owners prefer social media marketing because it helps to reach the target within a very small time. you can promote and advertise your product or services online easily. There are some popular social media sites like Facebook/Twitter/Instagram that are very popular because they have billions of people active on daily basis. So, if you will use a free or paid advertisement, you will be able to generate more and more leads always. For your business, you can select an Online Marketing Company that professionally will do the entire marketing campaign. 

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In this article, we are going to discuss top 3 social media sites…

Top 3 Social Media Websites used by Online Marketing Company


Facebook is one of the best social media networking sites worldwide currently. If you want to reach the highest number of people for your product or service, Facebook is the best platform. Using Facebook, you can target specific customers. Presently Facebook has 2.13 billion active users monthly and this is the top generalist social media platform. There are several ways through which you can provide ads. 

Currently, there are several groups available. you can join those groups to promote and advertise your product and services. you can find local people or your target area to promote service. these groups are ideal for small or startup businesses. this is paid service and you have to pay money for group join and each active live performance. 

You can also set ad campaign which is called a paid campaign on Facebook. Using paid campaign, you will be able to target your customer, location, and budget and then set the campaign and start. Using this advertisement mode, you will be able to reach the maximum target client and it helps to generate more leads. you can set a budget as per your need and financial capability. Apart from this you can also create a business page and post daily to attract more and more clients. Another best benefit is, using online you can promote and advertise your product and service worldwide.


This is one of the big visual social media networks. This is a platform where user uploads pictures and videos of their daily activities using mobile device mostly. Using Instagram you can publish ads in their stories and they also offer post ad formats. Once you create an ad in the story, it will disappear after 24 hours. Instagram has 800 million active users worldwide. if you want to target all over the world, then you should choose this platform. This platform also provides you different features and using those attract your viewers. you can also create more followers and post in your profile your product or services.

Instagrams parent company is Facebook, so it offers to its customers many segmenting possibilities. Instagram is ideal to promote yourself always. It’s a completely cost-effective method and you can set a campaign as per your need. Several online advertising companies offer different marketing package for their customers. You can select those as well. 


Twitter is a microblogging site and it’s mainly popular because people can update right now what happening around them. It offers real-time experience and within a very short way, you can promote whatever you want to promote. This is one of the best platforms for the microblog. There are some popular companies, large and medium-sized companies who prefer Instagram to tweet their latest news, facts, and figures. Several brands can take advantage of Twitter. They can publish and promote content and you can reach easily more time! 

Companies can segment their ad and keywords and hashtag and share their content. You can also target users who have a specific account by promoting your tweets. If you will use the Twitter platform properly, it helps to reach your product or services online very easily. This also helps to generate leads and increase followers. You can also choose Online Advertising For Business which helps to generate leads easily. 

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